Brief Introduction
        HUAWEI Code Craft 2017 is a major software competition held to provide a platform for college students all over the world to present their software designing and coding abilities, enjoy the pleasure of solving problems by coding, and feel the world-changing strength of software.
        The proposition of HUAWEI Code Craft 2017 is "Video Era – Layout". Competitors from eight China divisions and three global division will compete together. The competition is divided into four stages: preliminary contest, repechage, quarter-final, and final.
  • March 3
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  • March 3 - April 5
    Regional preliminary contest
  • April 7 - April 8
    Regional repechage
  • April 9 - April 23
    Regional quarter-final
  • May 12 - May 14
Material award
The total value of prizes and bonuses amounts to CNY1000,000. The highest bonus stands at CNY200,000.
Opportunity award
Special offer with high remuneration and excellent tutors, providing winners with opportunities to enter the career fast track.
Honorary award
Winners can get well-designed certificates and trophies representing the honor of being recognized by Huawei as software elites.
Final time
C 、C++、 JAVA
Video Era – Layout
In a particular telecom network of city G ,to transmit video content to each residential community in a high speed and low cost, the administrator wants to deploy video content servers near selected network nodes. All the residential communities are provided with a video service. How do we select the network nodes to minimize the cost?